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Press Review

Press Review

Please note, however, that the following information is only available in French.

Your personalized press review is at the tip of your fingers.

This is the page that every communications manager or business leader should consult daily!

Broadcast media

Thanks to a partnership with Communication Démo, you can access the news summaries in the Lower St. Lawrence broadcast media twice daily. If, after you have consulted these summaries, an interview or a news bulletin particularly interests you, you can contact Communication Démo directly to obtain a verbatim transcript.

Press ReviewCommunication Démo
Attention Daniel Hallé
Director, Market development
- Eastern Québec
Tel.: (418) 779-2020

In general, you will find that a given subject is only mentioned once. Normally though, several media have covered it. To obtain the summaries of all Lower St. Lawrence broadcast media on a given subject, you simply need to contact Communication Démo by mail or by telephone.

Printed media

As for printed media, you may consult the titles of articles that have appeared in regional weekly newspapers and certain national media (Le Soleil, La Presse, Les Affaires, La Terre de chez nous, Le Monde forestier, etc.). This work is currently being done by the Conférence régionale des éluEs du Bas-Saint-Laurent. Later this fall, Communication Démo will take over and you will then be able to obtain copies of the articles that interest you.

List of broadcast
media summaries

List of printed
media summaries

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