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Matane RCM

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The Matanie RCM
In collaboration with the CLD de la MRC de Matane (Matane RCM Local Development Centre) (

The Matanie Regional County Municipality is the eastern gateway to the Lower St. Lawrence region. It stretches along the St. Lawrence River for close to 100 kilometres. Here, the sea plays a very important role in economic activity. This RCM has taken advantage of the sea’s presence through a deep-water port which is open year-round, a train ferry, two large shipyards, and a big shrimp processing factory. It also provides ferry service to the North Shore.

PhotoIt is easier to understand the importance of Matane’s port facilities once you know that a large volume of raw materials and products from the North Shore are transported by boat to Matane, the RCM’s county seat, and then continue on their journey by road or by rail. In this area, economic diversification is a permanent process. A pulp mill, paperboard mill and the largest food processing company of the region are also located in this RCM. And that’s not all… New opportunities in the area include a company specialized in diamond cutting, the recent creation of the Centre canadien de valorisation du diamant, and the presence of a wind farm that is destined to grow thanks to recent announcements made by the Government of Québec regarding wind-generated power production in the Matane RCM and the Gaspé Peninsula – Magdalen Islands administrative region.

Finally, the RCM is also home to vast forest resources and a wildlife refuge abounding in game. The Matanie RCM covers an area of 3,375 square kilometres and has a total population of 22,646 (January 2004).

Name origins: In Amerindian language, Matane means “beaver breeding grounds”.

Matanie RCM
145, rue Soucy
Matane (Québec) G4W 2E1
Telephone: (418) 562-6734
Fax: (418) 562-7265
Warden: Jean-Charles Gagnon
Secretary-Treasurer: Line Ross
Municipalitie Population Municipalitie Population
Les Méchins
1 211
Saint-René-de Matane
1 097
14 978
1 653
1 248
- -
TOTAL: 22,646 people
Source: Statistics Canada – June 2001 Census. Amended in accordance with the January 2004 Décret de population - Government of Québec.

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