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Primary Bas-Saint-Laurent Industries

In the Bas-Saint-Laurent, approximately 10,000 people work in 355 manufacturing enterprises and represent about 10% of the total working population of the region. The pulp and paper, food and beverage, transportation equipment and wood sectors employ 85% of the manufacturing workforce.

Determined, assertive and innovative, these companies have positioned themselves on the regional, national and international scenes. Evidence of their efforts lies in figures that show an average increase between 1989 and 1993 of 1.4% in manufacturing activity for the region compared to a 0.8% decrease for the province.

The region is home to unique companies that produce innovative products using distinctive production methods. These enterprises manufacture products that range from transportation equipment to electronic notice boards and from specialized equipment for mining peat to food flavourings that come from fir tree branches.

Number of Jobs in the Manufacturing Sector by Area of Activity
Area of Activity Jobs
Wood 3,100
Transportation equipment 1,814
Food and beverage 1,338
Paper and related products 654
Non-metallic mineral products 427
Printing, editing and related industries 410
Metal products 360
Machinery industry 296
Clothing 279
Leather and related products 273
Textiles 253
1st stage processing of metals 215
Chemical industries 212
Petroleum and coal products 203
Furniture and furnishings 131
Electrical and electronic products 107
Other industries 176
TOTAL 10,248
Source: CRIQ, Répertoire des produits disponibles au Québec-1996, Montréal: CRIQ, vol. 3, éd. 19, 1996.

Emplois manufacturiers selon les principales industries de la région

Source: MICST, Profil économique de la région du Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gouvernement du Québec: Direction générale de l'analyse économique, 1996.

Updated : 2005-01-10

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