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The Metal and Machinery Industry
July 23, 1996

PhotoThe company NORCAST of Mont-Joli employs over 140 workers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent metal industry which has carved itself a niche in the field of metal alloy production. These alloys, which are mainly aluminum and zinc-based, are subsequently sold to processing factories such as MOULAGE SOUS PRESSION A.M.T. in Saint-Cyprien. This company buys the alloys to produce a wide range of metal pieces which are primarily used by BOMBARDIER to manufacture watercraft. At ATM, 100 people will be added to the existing team of 70 to meet the high demand for the company’s products.

PhotoIn the machinery industry, VERREAULT NAVIGATION in Les Mechins is a dynamic member of the marine sector. The company focuses on ship repair and employs over 150 people.

Other companies in the region manufacture highly-developed machinery including ATELIER AMÉRICAIN DE MACHINERIE HYDRAULIQUE in Rimouski which designs and produces soldering equipment and metal bending machines, among other products. TRAILEX, located in Saint-Blandine, manufactures trailers for tractor trailers.

PhotoDes entreprises de la région fabriquent aussi des produits de machinerie très évolués. ATELIER AMÉRICAIN DE MACHINERIE HYDRAULIQUE, de Rimouski, conçoit, entre autres, des soudeuses et des cintreuses et TRAILEX, de Sainte-Blandine, fabrique des remorques pour les camions lourds. PhotoPREMIER TECH, in Rivière-du-Loup has been expanding for several years and continues to grow. It is a subsidiary company of PREMIER CDN, a highly successful peat producer that sells to international markets. PREMIER TECH manufactures sophisticated equipment for extracting, processing and packaging peat.

Updated : 1996-07-23

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