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Le Bas-Saint-Laurent, tout lui réussit !

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23 juillet 1996

The region is home to a number of companies developing new initiatives in the field of communications, including LE GROUPE QUÉBECTEL and numerous print and electronic media enterprises. Some of these companies bring a national or an international connection to the region.

PhotoA Regional Enterprise, A Leader in the Field
LE GROUPE QUÉBECTEL has its head office in Rimouski and is the largest employer in the field of communications in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Established in 1927, LE GROUPE QUÉBECTEL employs 1,677 people in its different subsidiary companies. The company serves a clientele which is distributed across 40% of the inhabited area of the province of Quebec. The services provided include basic telephone and cellular services as well as Internet which is handled by the subsidiary GLOBETROTTER. LE GROUPE QUÉBECTEL is focusing its efforts on the merger of telecommunications, computer systems and cable television.

PhotoAccess to Quality Information
There are 13 local weekly newspapers and three specialized periodicals published in the region. In addition, there are many community-based and municipal newspapers, newsletters and periodicals. Thirteen public, private or community radio stations are based in the region. Four television stations serve a regional audience, two of which are located in Rimouski and two in Rivière-du-Loup. Five community television stations also broadcast their shows to the region. Finally, six cable distributors broadcast the major Canadian and American networks as well as Eurovision.

A Developing Industry
The regional challenge in the field of communications is to ensure the development of information and communication technologies (ICT). With the advent of the information highway, the region has been stimulated into taking action. Steps have been defined to integrate new technology into the following sectors: continuing education and training, art and culture, health, business, tourism, transportation and marine-related activities.

Mise à jour : 1996-07-23

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