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Bas-Saint-Laurent Labour Force Profile - 2006 Census
Service Canada, Gouvernement du Canada
August 5, 2008

[Logo]Rimouski - Service Canada Bas-Saint-Laurent Region has published an overview of the Bas-Saint-Laurent Labour Force Profile - 2006 Census. This document shows a sensible improvement of the regional labour market working conditions between 2001 and 2006, improvement which has benefited all regional county municipalities (RCM) but at different degrees.

Overview of labour force trends in the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region
According to the 2006 Census, there were 99,240 people in the labour force in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, up 3.6% from 2001 Census data. Although the labour force growth rate for the province as a whole (+7.3%) surpassed that of the region, the increase in the Bas-Saint-Laurent's labour force was closely tied to the increase in the working-age population, which rose 2.3% in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, compared with 6% in Quebec. The overall participation rate was 59.6% in 2006, representing a gain of 0.7 percentage points from 2001, which is identical to the gains posted in the province as whole. As a result, the participation gap between the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Quebec as a whole held steady at 5.3 points.

Employment trends in the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region
In May 2006, 89,485 people said they were employed in the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region, up sharply by 7.7% from 2001. Despite being slightly higher than the provincial employment growth rate (+8.8%), the regional employment growth rate was exceptional, considering the weak growth in the region's working-age population (+2.3 %), compared with the province as a whole (+6%). The region's overall employment rate jumped 2.7 percentage points to 53.8% between 2001 and 2006. Despite a decrease of 1.2 points since 2001, a significant gap of 6.6 points nevertheless remains between the regional employment rate and the provincial average (60.4%).

Unemployment in the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region
In the five years between 2001 and 2006, the regional unemployment rate fell 3.4 points from 13.2% to 9.8%, which was greater than the decrease in the provincial unemployment rate (-1.2 points). The number of unemployed persons plummeted 23% between 2001 and 2006, owing to the fact that employment growth (+7.7%) was significantly stronger than labour force growth (+3.6%).

This document can be downloaded (PDF 180 Ko).

It is also available in French (PDF 179 Ko).

Updated : 2008-08-18

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