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Le Bas-Saint-Laurent, tout lui réussit !

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A Clear Vision
Michel Hébert, erreur
10 décembre 2003

Tomorrow's Blueprint for Success

Our regional blueprint for success did not come about by chance. Born out of a common vision of development, and adopted in December 2000, it has the following goals:

  • Make the Lower St. Lawrence region into an international role model for the protection and use of natural ressources.

  • Help the area become known for its natural heritage, cultural vitality and excellent human ressources.

  • Strengthen the area's social cohesion, equity between people, the regional influence on economic levers and the convergence of development actions in the territories that make up the region.

In order to attain these goals, Lower St.Lawrence's decision-makers have committed themselves to a 15-year process that depends on the following strengths:

  • the ability of the Lower St. Lawrence region to make collective decisions;

  • the presence of a dynamic and diversified training network;

  • the management and spread of information;

  • new production technologies;

  • the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of people and organizations;

  • young people.

Issuing from this clear vision, the Lower St. Lawrence region has been taking concerted and well-thought-out steps that bring it nearer each day to achieving its project for the future. The only question that remains is whether you will be part of it.

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