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Le Bas-Saint-Laurent, tout lui réussit !

Nous travaillons présentement à une refonte du site Internet. D'ici quelques semaines, vous pourrez à nouveau consulter les offres d'emploi et les actualités du Bas-Saint-Laurent et y découvrir la région comme endroit pour vivre, travailler, étudier ou investir.

Vous pourrez également devenir collaborateur de contenu du site et publier vos communiqués, événements et offres d'emploi.

Désolé pour ce désagrément temporaire. En attendant, vous pouvez suivre notre page Facebook afin de rester informé quant à la mise en ligne du nouveau site. À bientôt!

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Choose Your News and Information Feed
Django Blais, erreur
8 mars 2004

What is RSS or RSS channels

RSS is a XML based format that permits content distribution in real time through channels or information flows. It's a way of chronologically describing the content of a site. It was developed by Netscape in 1999 and rapidly became a standard with Version 0.92, followed by the "RDF" version 1.0 (recommended by the W3C). UserLand Software has since developed a simplified Version 2.0.

Nowadays, no serious development may ignore RSS syndication. Google News Canada (Beta) already allows you to search among 4,500 channels. Yahoo is also looking to join in, see Yahoo tests RSS for MyYahoo (CNET - January 12, 2004).

There are numerous benefits to using RSS:

  1. Publish news headlines and summaries in real time on "Google News", as they are published;
  2. Display in a news reader or news aggregator;
  3. Specialize channels by grouping information by industry sector and by RCM.
RSS readers, news aggregators

RSS channels may be read by "aggregators". Channel readers give you the ability to determine how often you want to check the postings of new articles in the "RSS" feeds you're subscribed to. Several news aggregators may be downloaded free of charge or bought on the Internet. To be able to subscribe to the Lower St. Lawrence RSS channels, and stay up-to-date on our news as it's published, you need to use an aggregator such as:

  1. Lower St. Lawrence News Reader (Win/Mac OS X);
  2. FeedReader 2.5 (Windows);
  3. NetNewsWire de Ranchero Software (Mac OS X);
  4. FeedDemon de Bradbury Software (Windows);
  5. AmphetaDesk v0.93 (Win/Mac/Linux);
  6. Thunderbird 0.9 (Win/Mac/Linux).
Major Lower St. Lawrence RSS news channels

The Lower St. Lawrence Showcase News Room contains about one hundred "RSS" news channels that include titles, dates, authors, summaries and links to full texts. If you are using a news reader other than the Lower St. Lawrence News Reader, please copy the URL (see below) of the channels to which you would like to subscribe.

Breaking News

Branch of industry

Regional county municipalities

To find out more about RSS syndication
Aggrégateur RSS sur (in French)

Information feeds available to Internet site managers

Are you the webmaster or edimaster of an Internet site? Do you want to increase the content of your web site or make it more dynamic? Nothing could be easier! All you need to do is copy and paste the following HTML code onto one of your web pages, Generate HTML code.

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